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Meeting the recreational needs of our community! The benefits are endless!
Young Boy and Girl Sparring in Karate
2018 KARATE CLUB at the elementary schools to BEGIN in APRIL/MAY.  LAST 5 week SESSION of the school year!  Registration opens Apr. 10th and closes* 2 days before each club's APR./MAY start date.   Registration and club info please click here:
Mini Camp
"NEW" Mini specialty Camp for boys & girls 6-12yrs. - Aug. 13 -17!
Aviation & Fashion check it out on our Program page
Sack Race
PLAYGROUND registration opens MARCH 27th - JUNE 25th.  NO registration will be accepted at any school location you MUST register at the Painter Park office or via the website. NO PHONE CALL registration for this program! For more info see our program activity section.